22045 Morton CUSD 709 Locker Room Renovation & Entry Addition

The scope of the Project is defined by the Contract Documents and generally consists of the selective demolition of the existing structure and building addition at the North Entry. Building addition is a steel framed structure with aluminum composite panels over metal stud façade, aluminum curtain wall entry, single ply membrane roof, drywall partitions, and polished concrete slab on grade construction. The existing gyn façade will be faced with aluminum composite panels and a drop off canopy structure. The existing building will have a complete renovation of the locker room areas including walls, finishes, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. There is also an infill building addition to an existing courtyard.*NOTE: PLAN SET WAS REISSUED IN ADDENDUM #1 AND HAVE BEEN PLACED UNDER THE PLANS TAB AS THE CURRENT BID SET OF DRAWINGS.
22045 M709 HS Locker Room Renovation and North Entry Addition Addendums (click to expand/collapse)